FAQ: Ask Team Euphoria

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🕯️Our Candles

What are our best-selling/ founder’s favorite scented candles?

Scents are subjective and depend on your personal preference. Our scents are customized specially to suit the scent preferences of our largely female audience. Pick any, you might love it!

If you are not sure where to start, here are the links to our best-selling scents and founder’s favorites:

Founder’s Favs

What do we use to make our candles? Are they eco-friendly?

It’s simple, we only use the best quality soy wax and non-toxic fragrance oils to create a delightful candle experience for you.

Our soy wax is a natural, vegan and biodegradable material which provides a clean burn and is better for the environment. We also use 100% cotton, lead-free ECO wicks, allowing for a cleaner and non-toxic burn.

In short, our candles are made from the best and non-toxic ingredients.

What else are we doing for our Mother Earth? A lot, here.

Why is the color/appearance of your candles different?

To keep our candles as natural as possible, we use soy wax and premium fragrance oils in each candle. Different fragrance oils and candle dyes have different colors and consistencies which may affect the candle’s physical appearance. This might cause a slight deviation in color and appearance for each batch of candles made.

That means that candles are purchased as unique to YOU only!

Like us, soy wax candles are perfect with its imperfections. Some imperfections include frosting, wet spots and uneven surfaces. Rest assured that these imperfections do NOT affect the scent throw and burning properties of your candle!

To keep it short and sweet, our candles are handcrafted with natural ingredients that are unique in their own ways! Their appearance will not affect its burning properties.

How long do the candles burn for?

Please burn your candle for only 2-3 hours in ONE SITTING until a full melt pool has been reached.

Candle Type Total Burn Time
0.5oz Mini Candles 2 hours
6.8oz Regular Candles 40 hours
8.45oz Mega Candles 55 hours

What is the expiry of Euphoria Candles’ candles?

At Euphoria Candles, we use all natural ingredients to create every single product. The product life cycle is dependent on various external factors such as oxygen level, temperature, humidity and sunlight.

We suggest keeping your products out of direct sunlight and stored in a cool and dry place. All our candles will typically last for an average of 6 months upon purchase.

Can I buy your candles wholesale?

Absolutely! We are super open and excited to handcraft candles for wholesale, please IG DM @ateuphoriacandles or contact us for discounted prices and quotations.

I have an event coming up, can I buy your candles in bulk?

Absolutely! We are super open and excited to handcraft candles for events, please contact us ASAP via IG DM @ateuphoriacandles or send in a message through our Contact Page for discounted prices and quotations.

📦 Shipping

What are the delivery options available? Is there free shipping?

Type of Candle Delivery Option Shipping Rate
Regular Candles/ Mega Candles/ Bulk Orders Singpost/ Ninjavan (Tracked) $4
Mini Candles/ Fragrance Oils Singpost (Non-tracked) $1.50
Any Product Cash On Delivery by NinjaVan (COD) $4
Any Product Pick-Up Buangkok MRT $1

Please IG DM us to arrange for Pick-Up and COD services BEFORE purchasing.

We offer FREE shipping for orders over $55, use code EUPH55 to save some coins :)

We do not deliver to the following places, see here.

Where can I track my order?

For NinjaVan delivery, please track your order here.
For Singpost delivery, there is no tracking number.
For Pick-Up, we will arrange and update you through Instagram or text message.

Do you accept cash?

Absolutely! Opt in for our Cash On Delivery service with Ninjavan. To use this service, please IG DM (@ateuphoriacandles) us a screenshot of your checkout page before payment, we will process your order manually.

How long will my candle take to arrive?

All our candles are handcrafted in small batches and are made to order.
Upon receiving your order confirmation email,
Lead time: 3-7 business days
Delivery time: [NV] 3-5 business days , [SP] 1-5 business days
We will be taking our well-deserved breaks on public holidays (PH) and Saturdays!

What to do if my candle has not arrived after 2 weeks?

If you have purchased candles during special occasions, like Christmas and Mother’s Day, we would have received an influx of orders from candle-lovers like you! We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience.
Please contact us ASAP on IG DM @ateuphoriacandles!

♻️Recycling + Sustainability

I am done with my candle. How do I clean my jars?

When you’re done with your candle, you can simply rinse it with warm water to get rid of any remaining wax, and wash it with soap. Here is a tutorial on how to clean your jars.

I have extra paper packaging lying around. Do you have a program where I can recycle this packaging?

We strongly encourage you to reuse this sturdy paper wrapping for other packaging purposes.
We DO accept DONATIONS of paper wrapping. If you would like us to recycle this packaging, please contact us via IG DM @ateuphoriacandles or send in a message through our Contact Page.